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In some cases we can get you out up to 14 months early. We accept all vehicle brands.

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We will work with you to help buyout your current car lease no matter what make or model. If you have 4 or more months left on your lease 

Life happens…
  • Job change
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce
  • Growing family
  • Made a mistake
  • Concerned about safety
  • Exceeding your allotted miles
  • Need for better fuel economy
  • Tired of pushing your FWD car in the snow
Whatever the reason, Spirit Ford with work with you to help!

Don't think for a minute that you can't end your lease early. We have options! Stop worrying about that lease - We will provide options you get out of it early and and as painless as possible

Don't walk away from your lease and harm your credit and wallet

Why is now the best time to get out of my current lease?

The pandemic has caused a new car manufacturing to slow down so used vehicle prices are skyrocketing! The leased car you have collecting dust in your driveway might be worth more than you think! In some cases we have bought leased cars for more than the buyout price on the original lease contract. The residual value on your current lease may be lower than the market value of the vehicle which means you may be able to sell it for higher and pocket the difference!

What if I drive a different make / model other than a Ford?

The best kept secret in the world is out! You don't need to sell your lease to the original dealership or even the OEM of the vehicle you are currently leasing. We buy everything from a Chevy Lease, Honda Lease, Toyota Lease, BMW Lease, GMC Lease, Jeep Lease and any other manufacturer!

How can I get the most value for my vehicle?

We recommend bringing it by our dealership to get an on-site appraisal. We can also give you a good idea over the phone of what we might be able to do for you. Fill out the form below to get started or just call.

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